Pgsql Database full Restore error

Hello, My server crushed and am replacing it with a new server with new bahmni installation. Currently am having problem restoring the backup of the old server. pgbackrest folder contains:

  1. archive folder
  2. backup folder -bahmni-postgres ( 20180525-105600F , backup.history,
  3. temp folder
  4. backup_info.txt

When i restore with bahmni -i local restore --restore_type=db --options=postgres --strategy=pitr --restore_point=20180525-105600F.

i get error Help me to restore postgres database

Can you try with some of the suggestions as recommended in this thread?

Sir please am not really strong in database issues and i hardly understand the those suggestions kindly suggest to me something i should do to enable me restore from one server to another. What i realized is that when i do the backup on the same server and restore on the same server it works fine, but when i move the backup data to another server and restore i get that error( this error only applies to pgbackrest data restore but openmrs and reports restore without problems)