Permission to transfer OpenMRS ID module to org's github

Hey! Can I get a +1 to move openmrs-contrib-id-oauth to the OpenMRS GitHub org?


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Sounds good to me +1

Are all other OpenMRS ID repos in the OpenMRS GitHub org currently? (If not, should they be?)

Great. I’ll transfer it.

openmrs-contrib-id-styleguide and openmrs-contrib-modulus-docs are two others that live in my personal namespace. Traditionally, I have created modules in my personal namespace and moved them once they have stuck around for awhile.

Maybe this policy should change to “transfer any new repos to openmrs when your changes go into prod”

Notwithstanding any feedback from others, I’d say that the ID stuff and Modulus stuff both meets the historical requirements for community-maintained at this point. :+1:


this makes me happy.

Cool! I transferred the following repos:

  • openmrs-contrib-id-oauth
  • openmrs-contrib-id-styleguide
  • openmrs-contrib-modulus-docs