PEPFAR/MCC initiative on Data Collaboratives for Local Impact

This just came through on the USAID BAA channel. Is there a potential Tanzania-OpenMRS consortium angle here?

The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), in partnership with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), is investing up to $21.8 million in the Data Collaboratives for Local Impact Program (DCLI), to ensure evidence-based decision-making for programs and policies that address HIV/AIDS, global health, gender equality and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa. By March 2018, this PEPFAR-funded program, aims to demonstrate how the use of data can lead to better programming decisions, improved alignment of budgets and needs, and greater transparency and mutual accountability at the community and national levels.

DCLI is thrilled to announce that it is currently accepting applications for technical assistance to finalize the design and to lead the implementation of the “Data-Driven Communities Project”. This exciting, innovative, and results-based project seeks to empower stakeholders at in subnational areas in Tanzania to harness the data revolution by improving the capacity of district and ward communities to provide and make use of actionable data. Specifically, we are reaching out to organizations with relevant experience, creativity, and knowhow to devise and implement a strategy, within targeted geographic areas, to achieve specific project outcomes and optimize impact within a short period of time.

This opportunity is open to all eligible non USG Federal Entities per 2 CFR 200.6. Also, given the nature of this work, the intent of supporting/building in-country capacity, ownership, and sustainability, the majority of the funding is intended for organizations based in Tanzania and East Africa. You may find more information related to this opportunity, including the application process, by clicking on the link below:

Data-Driven Communities Project

Please share this email and link within your networks and organizations that may be interested in applying.

The first deadline associated with this notice (registration for the Phase I Pre-Application Bid Teleconference) is Friday September 2, 2016. If you are interested in participating in this teleconference, please register online here.

More info:

Teleconference sign up sheet:

Info about the whole initiative:

Does Gates, PATH and or Vitalwave have something going on there that could easily dovetail? Email to Liz Peloso?