PatientDashbord widgets do not display recent data in core-apps version 1.22.0-SNAPSHOT

Am running the latest snapshot version of core-apps version 1.22.0-SNAPSHOT but i have realized the PatientDashbord widgets do not display the recent data. for exampe the Recent visits widget, family widget. i have created a patient with relatives , and also added several vists for that patient , but this has failed to be displayed on the patient dashboard. see attached image below.

i also downloaded an earlier version 1.21.0 from bintray but its the same case. am working on [RA-1370] Clean up the constraints on the Dashboard widgets to show data within the Reference Application - OpenMRS Issues .Could this be a bug? or there’s something am not doing right?

cc @ssmusoke @dkayiwa @mogoodrich

probably this has been caused by trying to add up and remove several modules to match versions. let me try getting the latest ref app release.

We seem to be having a bug in the newer version of the core-apps to do with the behavior of the Dashboard widgets.

  • Ive created a new patient on the demo-server ,
  • added family members
  • added vists . here is the patient dashbord. (This behaves nomaly, probably the demo server uses older versions of the core-apps)

i have just downloaded a fresh package of the latest ref app release 2.9 . i have done exactly the same thing as above. here is the screenshot

cc @dkayiwa @darius @burke @ssmusoke

Are you able to reproduce it here?

There the widgets behave normally

oops :grinning:, the problem is the browser. it seems Internet explorer does not support some tags or libraries kind of used in the widgets.

when i copy that same url to IE, here it is

ya , it surely runs well when i use chrome.

that’s great @mozzy coz chrome is the most recommended browser to use

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its just because the standalone by default runs IE automatically.

You have the freedom to set your default browser to anything else that you want. :slight_smile:

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