PatientDAO crashes AC when inserting patient to db

Application Name: Android Client app Version Number: 2.7

Question: PatientDAO crashes AC when inserting patient to db and I am not able to run the app further… It is occuring because of a null pointer exception at : patient.getIdentifiers().add(patientIdentifier); And this is instantiated at top… Link to issue : Link to issue

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Same issue with me

Same here, I raised the issue originally hoping to work on it once someone assesses it and makes it “Ready for Work”.

Jira issue for the NullPointerException:

@ rishabhagarwal997 and @permissionerror,did you get this solved or your still blocked so as the ticket can be assessed as suggested by @permissionerror ?

This is still blocked, i gave it a try but this one requires some time… You can get it ready for work, i’ll or @permissionerror will look into this as suggested by him

I modified my PatientDAO locally while solving my ticket earlier, so that I wouldn’t be blocked, but could not create a PR due to not having a Ready for Work ticket.