Patient Summary Print is not readable

Hi All,

We are trying to use the Patient Summary dashboard and we have around 20 display controls on it. When we try to print that information, Its really not readable, the questions and answers do not have segregations.

Any one here using Patient Summary dashboard facing similar issues?

@angshuonline @darius @mksd @shruthipitta , are you aware of this issue?

The print looks something like this.

You mean the alignment for the long 'Fracture of bone … ’ concept? Is there a way you can define a shorter name? (the long one can be description).

It might require formatting. Have you tried fixing the formatting (even some css magic)? worst case, you can configure you custom print for custom display control. But that will be probably more work.

The Alignment for the long ‘Fracture of bone…’ is one of the problems that we see with it, and also the display control shows “Surgical Diagnoses” multiple times, that is the name of the form and then the name of the concept… making it really confusing to read.

it is not possible for us to use a shorter name because the diagnoses have to be descriptive.

We will try doing some css changes to see what it looks like, is there anything else that we can try?

The following changes in CSS should help:

  1. Alternate colors for observations
  2. Reduce the space in between questions and answers
  3. Left align the questions and answers and wrap them

Few things like having different font sizes for concepts and concepts sets based on the hierarchy can also be done. But, this should be generic such that UI looks good even with different levels of hierarchy.

Please let us know if anything else can help.

@angshuonline @darius @shruthipitta any thoughts ?

Do you have a sample mockup?

This is what we are proposing, the alternate coloring to make the questions and answers more readable and all the answers aligned to the right side.

Please let me know your thoughts @shruthipitta


I agree that this is more readable than the existing UI but i would wait for others to add their inputs as well.

@mksd @darius @angshuonline @arjun or others Any suggestions?

I am fine with the alignment but not sure about using colors in prints especially for alternating rows. Most of the hospitals would use B&W print and the printout would really bad with a bad printer. We already had bad experience with the other section header backgrounds in implementations.

  • “Surgical Diagnosis” - its not a diagnosis right? looks like obs. This would happen if you have add more at the group level. You will need to define a custom display control & print, if you want to display differently.
  • I am not sure of the “Surgical Diagnosis” FSN must be this long, why not just use it as description and print the description is smaller fonts. If you have multiple obs against the same concept, it will look extremely ugly if you have to display the same long sentence again and again.

@angshuonline, the alternate coloring existed in products 88 version. in 89, because of a change in visit summary page, the alternate coloring in patient summary page was removed. Alternate coloring was being used in our implementations for a while, but after the upgrade, it changed.

This is the commit which Priyanka was talking about

This is the link of the card for the commit:

The card doesn’t talk about removing alternate coloring, it was only to fix indentation, but i guess this was a defect introduced by this card back then.

I thought that JIRA was the task management system?

This is link to an earlier system Mingle that we were using. Only those cards that were in progress or were yet to be worked, were migrated to Jira from Mingle. So this card was not migrated as the issue was deemed resolved.

some inputs: The implementations i know don’t use patient summary. But they use discharge summary and visit/dashboard prints for referral letters, etc. In them as i see, not alternate rows but the dates appear in grey colour and they act as good change in colour for readability. We had toyed with the idea of this indentation in discharge summary (when designing it in 2015) but that caused wasting a lot of space and increased the number of pages required for the summary. Ideally the users wanted only one page (or as less as possible) for ease of handling, not letting a page tear away etc. And so we had ended up reverting to displaying the text just below the concept name. So in practicality this is what the priority was : readability, concise and neat in this order. The current printouts with .89 deployed here is meeting that. (bit difficult to anonymise so not able to share the screenshot)

The second screenshot/mockup you shared looks very neat and is of course readable but i am afraid the right indentation will increase the probability of increasing the page from 1 to 2 which isn’t desirable.

I agree that in your first example it is not very readable but i am not sure why that is happening. For e.g. Why does the word “Surgical Diagnosi/es” appear so many times? Is this a real example?

@arjun, thank you so much for your inputs. I agree that the number of pages also matters, but that also depends on the amount of data you have in the patient summary. In our implementation we have a lot of data on patient summary page, hence we might have a lot of pages.

I think if the summary page is more readable its okay to have an additional page (if that even happens when we fix alignment)

Yes, the first screenshot is a real example, the reason why Surgical Diagnosis appears so many times currently is that it is a multi - autocomplete.

Form Name: Surgical Diagnoses Question concept : surgical diagosis – this is a multi - auto complete.

So when a user enters more than one diagnosis, it shows up in that format.

Ok, so can you share a mock up of how you would like the same print to look like. (the surgical diagnosis one) ? My guess is you will have to fix to work differently for multi - auto complete concepts. and that might solve the problem without having to change indentation and colouring.

Our main problem is not with indentation. It is with the text on right section (answer) is overflowed in to left section (left side).

If the whole text ‘Fracture of bone following insertion of orthopedic…’ can be wrapped on the right side, it would be more readable.

While there are many things we can do to make it more readable or beautiful, we are only looking at fixing the current existing issues.