Patient Status Values on the Patient Dashboard

I am looking for ways of displaying patient status information on the patient dashboard and other locations. The status values can be some of the following:

  1. Next Appointment on 15 September 2017

  2. Due for Viral Load on 1 October 2017

  3. Missed Appointment on August 28, 2017

  4. Lost since August 31, 2017

  5. Lost to Follow-up since July 18, 2017

  6. Currently in intensive Adherence counseling from May 15, 2017

  7. Under TB Treatment from 18 April 2017

Some of the values are based on observations, encounters etc. I am looking to be able to inject these values into the patient dashboard so that they are available in different locations, hopefully even on the data entry HTML forms too.

Certainly you could create a custom fragment to display these, but it sounds like you are looking for something more "global’?

Based on your other talk post, were you looking for a way to inject custom data points/calculations into the context model?

Take care, Mark

@mogoodrich I was hoping for something more global (but a custom fragment can work).

Yes I am to provide a richer model for showing and hiding fragments and forms based on the data that has been entered

Sounds like a good approach to me!

I’m also unclear on how exactly this differs from your other post.

One thing: in our original App Framework design we wanted to ensure that apps could be implemented in either server-side or client-side code, to allow us to progressively migrate towards more modern technologies. So we restricted what’s in the app context model to things you could represent in JSON, i.e. all the data has to be there statically as plain objects, and you can’t make dynamic function calls.

(If what you’re talking about is just pushing a lot more data into the context model, that’s still consistent.)

This post is about pushing status messages to the patient dashboard while the other one is about extending context model to include more contents.

I am thinking of messages/notifications so as not to slow down the page, and have scheduled tasks to do this

@darius @mogoodrich The patient flags module solves this problem out of the box - hence closing this out now

@ssmusoke are we adding that module to the reference application?

@dkayiwa Not for 2.7, It is a better candidate for 2.8, as there is still quiet a bit of work to make it ready for general usage