Patient Search results table font seems too big

Hi Bahmni community,

Not sure but it seems to me that the result table in the Patient Search screen (Registration App) has too big fonts: They don’t seem consistent to the rest of the UI and they appear too big:

And this table needs to show a lot of columns so having it slightly smaller could be better.

I suggest that we shrink them a bit to 0.7rem, instead of 0.9rem:

If that’s ok, here are the PRs: on master: PR #59 back-port to release-0.89: PR #60

Hi @mksrom

The no of columns on this results table is configurable hence we can’t really reduce size for this reason because most of the Bahmni Implementations don’t show these many columns.

Yes. I agree. Product team will look into it and merge.

Thank you for your interest towards contributing to Bahmni.