Patient Search against Custom attributes not working properly

I made changes in /Registration/app.json for Patient Search as per mentioned below;

“patientSearch”: { “address”: { “label”: “Tehsil”, “placeholder”: “Enter Tehsil”, “field”: “address3” }, “customAttributes”: {
“label”: “Mobile Number”,
“placeholder”: “Enter Mobile Number”, “fields”: [“MobileNo”, “primaryRelative”] } }

but when I search anything in “Mobile Number” section it does not provide whole information. e.g. When I entered Mobile no digits it shown below mentioned result; not displayed “Primary Relative” data.

and when I entered primary relative name “durga” it does not display Mobile Number in result;

Just to add to this, on my vagrant box when I tried this scenario, I found one more behaviour. The person attribute “primaryRelative” on my box has a description of “Father’s/Husband’s Name” but on the search results column the heading displayed is similar to above “Primary Relative”, which is not correct. I think it is taking attribute name and formatting it to Title Case based on camel case of the attribute name. Can we instead display the Description of the Attribute if available and resort to earlier behaviour if it is not present.

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@vvmane…This is a defect. Thanks for pointing out… @pkanchankar… Thanks for your suggestion. It should display the description instead of field name (similar to create/edit patient page).
You can track the status here

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@vvmane This issue no more exists now. Bahmni now supports new feature which is available from Release -0.82 where one can configure what attributes and address fields one want to see in the results section separately.

Have a look at the Documentation for more information

@pkanchankar : We do value your suggestion. We will bring about the functionality soon.