Patient Registering Birth Date

Reference application

Hello, I am Shayyan. A somewhat new member of the community.

When registering a patient and putting in their birth date, is there a specific reason why an active counter is used to invalidate dates before the current date in 1901? For example, a birth date of December 31st, 1900, will be immediately invalidated and the user will be asked to put a date after 1901. But if a user inputs let’s say, January 25th, 1901, The registration process goes through but will throw an error at the end “Nonsensical date, please check”. Only dates AFTER the current date are accepted. (TODAY’S DATE: January 31st, 2021, ACCEPTED DATES: January 31st, 1901 and after).

I was wondering why this was implemented the way it is.

@shayyan Looks like this was reported before and has been addressed. Check and confirm if your installed version has that fix.

@rubailly Thank you for the report link. It is exactly what I was referring to as well! I was using the reference application often used for recreating bugs.