Patient Queuing Module

Am trying to work on this Patient Queueing module for PoC.

I clone the module from git repository, run mvn clean install and copied the omod to the module folder. on running the application, i got the Provider Dashborad link from the home which is fine.

but when i clicked on it, i got this blank page instead of the table to appear. Please house, how do i resolve this?

Did you get a chance to look at this?

cc @slubwama

Yes @dkayiwa. I did followed the process as shown in

@rushdah just saw this. Kindly Describe or post the picture of what you see.

@slubwama thanks for your concern.

After deploying the Patient Queuing Module, it is expected that i an interface with the patient queing default table headers.

But instead, am getting an empty screen without any table header as shown below.

Please how do i fix this?

@rushdah the patient queue works better with reference application version 2.9.0. Due to bootstrap needs of the module

I have been able to fix this. The problem was that i did not set the location Uuid for the patient queueing module.

Thank everyone.

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