Patient Medical record

Hello, I’m new here and have gone through the openmrs demo site. I’ll like to know If there are any projects or modules on making patient medical records accessible from some central point… Or could 2 different hospitals under a consortium running openmrs have access to same patient records? A pointer to any work done related to the above will be helpful. Thanks

@prisca so you mean shared medical record?

That is a question that is beyond OpenMRS. However there are tools that help achieve this within the OpenMRS ecosystem, such as openmrs-eip. Warning: this will require manpower and tech power.

… unless of course all the facilities can work over the Internet and all log into the same system, but I’m assuming that’s not what you meant.

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Understood. Thank you for the prompt reply. Oh by patient records, I meant a summary of patient’s diagnosis, lab results, drugs during a visit. This is such that another Doctor who isn’t part of the system could see the patient’s clinical history. Sorry if It wasn’t clear.

So you mean that this information is viewable only? That would be very different from a shared medical record that is enriched at multiple facilities.

Oh Okay, I see that shared medical record will be tough to come by. Right now, could a patient’s clinical history be downloaded ? This is such that a patient can have a copy (hard or soft) of his/her clinical history, so it can be taken to another hospital which doesn’t have the openmrs software.

Ok that’s easier :slight_smile:

We have developed, as part of Common Reports, a specific report that generates the entire patient history as a PDF.

Once the module is installed, there is a URL that generates that PDF. The typical use would be to add a link on a patient dashboard that triggers that URL.

Which distribution of OpenMRS are you using?


Nice then. Will read further on Common Reports I am running reference application 2.8.1

Versions-wise you should be ok.

Note that Common Reports requires Patient Summary. Looks like you would have to add two more modules: Patient Summary and Common Reports.


I’ll get on that. Will be back with feedback. Thanks again