Patient Lists: Are you using them? How are you implementing them?

Dear All,

I’d like to bring up the topic of patient lists. I see this as foundational to EMR workflows and a critical feature to address early on for the microfrontends framework.

I’m curious to understand what others are doing to support this? Please tell us your thoughts on this thread.

Importantly, it would be nice to figure out the data model behind this. At AMPATH we had been using the extended cohort module to support this but my sense is we may be the only ones doing so.

Please let us know your interest and thoughts in this topic.



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@slubwama could this be related to what you did for?

Just a quick answer, I’ll try to give it some more thought later, but we don’t really have any standard way of going about it right now. I would definitely support coming up with some standard modelling around it. Would be interested in your thoughts.

One thing that comes to mind that would be whether the data model would have built-in way for “removing” a patient from a list, or if that only happens if the patient fulfills the criteria that put them on the list in the first place.

And definitely worth taking a look at the Patient Queuing module as @dkayiwa mentions.

Take care, Mark

The Patient Queuing module creates its own table.

I’ve heard of implementations, like AMPATH, using cohorts.

I’ve also recall folks (maybe PIH?) using part of a scheduling module… or maybe their queueing solution just integrated with scheduling.

Our cohorts should be evolving toward FHIR’s Group and I’d expect patient lists might use this or, more likely, FHIR’s List resource.

@dkayiwa we looked at patient list and we found it not so much of what we were looking for. Thats why we built patientqueueing module to bridge the gap.

PIH does use the appointment scheduling module, but we have many patient lists (awaiting admission, ed triage, referrals, lab orders/results, etc) – although the lab stuff is for the order, but searchable by patient. Would be great to have something more multipurpose. I thought that the Nigeria team had built a module to do that and demoed at the Implementers meeting in Dec 2019.

@slubwama, we are interested in using the patient queueing module for aptient queueueing (not for patient lists). I’ve found this documentation Do you have any docs on the backend - data model? api? We’d ideally like to create a new MF for the frontend.



@jdick have you looked at this

Also note that among the pending work on this project of patient queueing is exposing api end points. It’s one of the todos of the project

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