Patient Flags Module

I just wanted to start the discussion with @mogoodrich and @valvijo about the development of a REST module for Patient Flags.

@valvijo, if you have a design document or something, I’m sure @mogoodrich would be happy to sanity check it for you :).


Speaking generally, we support/encourage the idea that all modules should provide REST APIs for their underlying Java functionality (and to do this natively within the module). The preferred way to do this is to make the module in question require the module, and then implement the REST API within the module’s /omod.

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I’d be happy to review any design documentations. Also, I’m fine with incorporating the REST calls into the Patient Flags module itself.


Hi @pascal @mogoodrich,

I’ll like to work on this project for this year’s GSoC. I’ll take a look at the documentation and get started on a proposal. I’ll appreciate any expectation you might have for me on this project.

Cheers! Nyah

The specific task described in this thread is just exposing the Patient Flags Module API via REST. The best place to discuss the GSoC project is in the #community:gsoc category here on Talk.

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Alright, will do

I cant comment any where when I check today. Please tell me why is that?

I like to do ‘Patient Flags REST API’ project in GSOC 16 and I analyzed that project on these days. But now I can’t comment there… please kind enough to check that.

Thank you

It’s because wiki comments have recently been disabled. If you have questions, you can ask them here.

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ok thanks.

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In the next few weeks, I’ll be developing the REST API for the patient flags module and pushing the changes to my fork

@ch3ck, please make use of the work already done by @steliomo here.

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That’s nice, I will just push directly to that repo.

No, please don’t. For this project, we want to improve the existing community module. We just needed that other module temporarily until we had you to add the features that we need to the community module :slight_smile:.

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Hi @everyone,

As for my GSoC updates;

I have pushed the code I’ve been working on to my fork and made a PR here: Patient Flags.REST. I have successfully ported the eSaude code for the REST API to patient flags repo. I will spend this week debugging and testing to make sure it works fine. In the mean time you can test the code by compiling while disabling running tests. This seemsed to be an issue with the original repo for the module. Once this is done; I’ll proceed to adding the new Patient Flags Enhancements.


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@ch3ck Where is your blog located for the GSOC work? Can you give us an update for this week? Also, we’d like to set a time that you can attend for weekly check-ins on the Telegram channel. Seems the time we agreed to isn’t working well for you.

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Yes @janflowers,

I will send the email today. I think I am free on Friday’s. It will be the best for the meeting.

@GSoC2016students this week,

I am adding the remaining fixes to the REST API for patient flags and adding the tests for the REST web services this week. Once I’m done with this; @pascal will merge and this should be good for the mid-term goals. I will make another post soon on the community’s desired Patient Flags enhancements.

Here is my Blog and my GitHub fork. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


@janflowers @ch3ck can we do the following time for our weekly chat on IRC/Telegram?

  • 4pm GMT+1 (Buea)
  • 5pm GMT+2 (Cape Town)
  • 8am GMT-7 (Seattle)

Hi @janflowers @pascal,

Fridays are fine 4pm is also good for the calls. I’ll have to reschedule for this Friday to probably Thursday since I’ll be travelling for DockerCon on Friday night.

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Okay, then we’ll have our chats on IRC/Telegram on Fridays at the proposed time. Since you can’t make it this Friday @ch3ck, please provide us with an update here before you leave.