Patient Data Management OWA Sprint #2 Announcement


Hello everyone. After our first sprint we came up with an implementation of the Patient Data Management OWA which can be seen here. We are excited to let you all know of our second sprint during which we shall extend the OWA to include new features and also fix some bugs noticed so far.


  1. Fix realized bugs and improve styling on the search page and components of the patient data page
  2. Add Visits & Encounters collapsible tab in which will include the following features:
  • View the list of visits and encounters for a selected patient
  • Manage (view, update & delete) visits for a selected patie-nt
  • Manage (view, update & delete) encounters for a selected patie- nt
  • Manage (view, update & delete) observations for a selected patient

Start Date: 22/08/2017 End Date: 05/09/2017

JIRA Board: Github Repo: Wiki Link: ( cc @dkayiwa @darius @burke

Kind Regards, Jackson

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