Patient dashboard visits/encounters does not display encounters of some patients

These are the log files

you can try to use this commad sudo chmod a+rwx /path/to/file and then re start the server

I am still experiencing this problem. Here is the new log files

Can you change the value of the setting named owa.appFolderPath to point to the owa folder in your application data folder? Here is an example: Login

Mine is pointing to /usr/share/tomcat7/.OpenMRS/owa. Do you want me to change it to other location?

Is that the location of your application data folder?

I think so because /usr/share/tomcat7/.OpenMRS is where openmrs runtime properties file is.

Then give give ownership of that folder to the tomcat user.

I have run sudo chown -R tomcat8:tomcat8 /usr/share/tomcat8/.OpenMRS but I still can’t view visits

Is that what owa.appFolderPath is pointing at?

Yes that is where owa is.

How is the owa,appFolder path for windows written? I want to test it in windows 10. I am using tomcat8.5

could you add the code under /WEB-INF/view//portlets/patientEncounters.jsp and i try to have a look through

This problem we have manage to solve it while working on the other problem “Error editing some patient encounters”. I was trying to put the link here to that problem.