Patient billing with discount in Bahmni (OpenERP)

Dear OpenERP Experts,

I would highly appreciate if you can help me with some issues regarding patient billing in bahmni.


Patient has been billed based on some categories (11 categories exactly). One of the categories is Elderly Population and they are billed based on the following rules,

  • OPD and Emergency Ticket - 70 % (recorded by registration clerk)
  • Basic Lab Services and X-ray - 100% (recorded by billing clerk)
  • Dental Services and Emergency Services - 50% (recorded by billing clerk)


In OpenERP, there is a discount system in the total bill not in a particular item. So, to solve the issue described above, what would be the ideal solution?

Hi @munnavhai,

What percentage of the visitors end up using services across these 3 categories? I see a distinction between these services, hence asking. There are 2 options:

  • Option 1 - create bills for these services separately and apply bill level discounts. This would be recommended if the overlap is less than 30%. There won’t be any customisation required. The downside is that the billing person has to create multiple bills when there is an overlap.
  • Option 2 - Customise the billing screen to Add an item level discount field and based on the customer category apply relevant discount. The discount amount or rate can be auto-populated for relevant services based on the customer categories.

In either case, it will be good to auto-populate the discount rate based on the customer category. Thus avoiding human errors, of selecting wrong discount rates. This will require customisation in OpenERP.

Hello @pkanchankar

Thank you for your prompt reply. The hospital has served 588 patient last year under this 11 category which means 2 patients per day. Seems like option 1 is more feasible for this particular govt hospital but in general option 2 is the better solution in terms of implementation in more than one site.