PACS Integration -- [ERROR] OpenMRSLoginAuthenticator

Hi Everybody!

We have installed a fresh version of Bahmni v.092 on CentOS, and the PACS integration service seems not to work.

To enable the DCM4CHEE worklist population from Bahmni radiology orders we have follwed the steps from:

Now, the orders are not transfered.

The pacs-integration.log shows: 21-10-2020 03:54:31 [ERROR] OpenMRSLoginAuthenticator - Could not authenticate with OpenMRS. 21-10-2020 03:54:31 [ERROR] TaskUtils$LoggingErrorHandler - Unexpected error occurred in scheduled task. org.bahmni.webclients.WebClientsException: org.bahmni.webclients.WebClientsException: Could not authenticate with OpenMRS

Is this error related to our issue? Does the PACS-Integration service needs to authenticate to OpenMRS?

I would be great if someone could give us any advise on this issue.

Have you changed OpenMRS password?

Yes, that’s how it gets the patient and order data and syncs with PACS. This part of the code gets the OpenMRS credentials.

Please check the credentials set in /opt/pacs-integration/pacs-integration/WEB-INF/classes/