OWAs: Build Pipelines

Just to confirm, we don’t have any of the OWAs incorporated into the OpenMRS build yet, do we? Has anyone done any work for looking to configure this?

Take care, Mark

Yes, we do! Please see https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-distro-referenceapplication/blob/master/package/src/main/resources/openmrs-distro.properties#L46

Not sure, if it’s documented anywhere, but SDK downloads OWAs from https://bintray.com/openmrs/owa/ so you either need to upload your OWA there or upload it under your Bintray account and request it being linked by OpenMRS as explained at https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Release+Open+Web+Application#ReleaseOpenWebApplication-2.HostthecompiledapplicationonBintray

Thanks @raff! This wasn’t exactly what I was referring to, but something that I’ll want to set up as well.

I was wondering if we actually had plans set up on CI to build some of the OWAs that are under active development.

I was able to set up a Bamboo plan in the PIH build to build the Order Entry OWA… it was fairly straightforward, though I still need to figure out how to get it to properly parse test results. Once I figure this out if people are interested I could set it up in OpenMRS CI as well/instead. Thoughts? @dkayiwa @betty @larrystone @geofrocker

Take care, Mark

Hi @mogoodrich, having a CI setup is a great idea.

Great! Once I get things working in our pipeline, I should be able to set it up on OpenMRS as well.

Any thoughts on organization? Just another project called “Order Entry OWA”?

Take care, Mark