Overwritten commit in adminui repo

I’m guessing someone might have mistakenly overwritten my commit when doing rebase? Anyone recalls using “push -f” to https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-module-adminui/?

Whoever accidentally did it…check git reflog and you can undo it and fix it easily. Another option: cherrypick the commit back in.

That was me i believe, i pushed to master by mistake instead of my branch, is your code lost OR the commit is but the code exists?

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@raff said he fixed it, i think i was sleeping when i pull rebased to update my branch and force pushed thinking i was on my branch when actually i was on master, i recall this happened on Saturday or Sunday, hopefully no one else did commit anything over the weekend i feel dumb right now, sorry about that.

No worries Wyclif. All fixed now!

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Ehhh man, you even code while sleeping? I love those ninja skills! :slight_smile: