Overlay tutorial not showing on first app launch

Application Name: openmrs-contrib-android-client

Version Number: 2.6.1

Question: When app is launched for the first time or logged in for the first time, overlay tutorials are not working/showing as per in the openMRS android client code. It is important for these overlay tutorials to be shown to introduce the user to the app.

I created a new case for this issue but received a mail stating to post this on the OpenMRS talk. Please help to me to create the case so that I could work on this issue and have access to JIRA issues.

Thank You, Aryan Ganotra

Hi Aryan! are you sure you’re working on the latest version of the repository?

Also, for getting access to JIRA issues, head over to this link:https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/How+to+get+access+to+issues.openmrs.org

Hey Ribhav! Yes I have checked, I am working on the latest version of repository. It’s 2.6.1.

Hi @ribhavsharma. Any update on this?

Hi, could you checkout the github repo? @f4ww4z just pushed the latest release :slight_smile:

Yes @aryanganotra07, the latest version is v2.8.1 , you can download it from here . The play store build is buggy right now, we’re looking into it. The intro slides show up well in this release.

Hi @f4ww4z. Oh that’s nice. I will have a look into it. Thanks.