Other packages of openmrs in repository

Hi, where can I find the most recent package of openmrs to install with yum?

The one that comes with the provided Vagrant Box is:

  • openmrs.noarch 1.12.0-792 @bintray–bahmni-rpm

The one bahmni script installed on my CentOS:

  • openmrs.noarch 1.12.0-373 @bintray–bahmni-rpm

I’m having problems with this version 373 and I’m hopping using 792 will solve it. Where can I get it?


We don’t have openmrs-1.12.0-792 rpm in bintray. Please check this link for the available rpms. And what is the problem with the rpm.

I found out it was a problem with the package bahmni-lab-connect.

Still, the files of openmrs package 792 (.war and .jar) that comes with Vagrant Box differs from the 373 in bintray, I wonder what’s different.