org.openmrs.util.PrivilegeConstants cannot be resolved

I am working on fixing a bug, which requires me to use the class PrivilegeConstants, but I get the above error. How do I fix it? Also where can I find the docs (or java file) for the said class.

Found the docs link: The bug fix I’m working on requires me to check whether the user has the privileges to add atlas markers. There seems to be no such constant in the PrivilegeConstants class. So even if I manage to fix the initial error, how do I perform the mentioned check?

I still cannot fix the initial error, but it looks like the privilege is defined in config.xml of the module. So now I can progress with the issue again. I’d still like to know why PrivilegeConstants cannot be resolved. Thank you.

Which OpenMRS platform version are you using?

I’m using the Reference Application 2.8.0 created using the OpenMRS SDK.

Can you share the build log at

Here you are:

Can you raise a pull request and we look at your changes?

Here’s the PR:

According to this that class was introduced in platform 1.8

So change the openmrs dependency version to 1.8.0

That fixed it! Thank you!