Ordering Obs across Encounters on new patient summary widget

Hi all, I’m currently working on this issue to create new patient summary widget. The UI mock of this widget can be found here along with the description. As @darius suggested I would like to ask you about ordering the encounters. What do you think would be the best way chronological or reverse-chronological order ?

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(Moved this to the #implementing category, since we’re not really asking for developer opinions.)

Hi Implementers,

We are adding new Patient Summary Widgets in the Reference Application. One of them is a table of observations grouped by encounters. It would look something like this:

Question: by default should we show the most recent results at the top, or at the bottom?

(Personally I think we should show most recent at the top, since this is a summary, and we may only show “last 5” in this view.)

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Am in favour of by default showing the most recent at the top. If not hard, and needed, we could make it configurable.

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Thanks @adamg, this will be a valuable addition to OpenMRS. Other places in the Reference App, things are listed with the most recent at the top. Like the list of visits for example. I think it should show the most recent at the top.

I assume it’s configurable, which obs to display.