OrderFrequency for Drug Order

For DrugOrder using Rest API orderFrequency is required. But OrderFrequency table is empty and using Advanced Administration I could not find any option to add “Order Frequency”.

Please help How do I add orderFrequency.

I don’t think there’s a UI for this, but you can add them via the REST API (or the Java one).

The orderentryui module will automatically populate that table, if you’re using the CIEL dictionary:

I have added orderentryui module in module repository of deployed application. I have sent an email to @akanter Access to Full CIEL Dictionary. Thank you for you quick response.[quote=“darius, post:2, topic:11470”] The orderentryui module will automatically populate that table, if you’reusing the CIEL dictionary: [/quote]

One quick question: Why do I need orderentryui module deployed if I need to fill up order_frequency table using CIEL Dictionary sql file.

Sorry, I should have been more clear: you might want to look at the orderentryui module as an example of how this table might be populated.

Thank you for your clear instruction. I have managed it easily. Thank you @akanter for CIEL Dictionary access.

@akanter Hi Darius/Andrew,

CIEL Dictionary is populating drug table but drug_ingredient table remains empty. Is it normal. How drug_ingredient table will be populated.

I don’t think there is anywhere in the UI where you can manage drug ingredients, you’d need to populate the drug ingredients table in the database with raw sql.

When we populate CIEL Dictionary drug list, it does not populate drug ingredient table. May be we should introduce drug ingredient in CIEL Dictionary.