OrderEntryUI prescription web service

Hi All,

Please i have a question about web service

i want to have the web service allowing me to have the list of prescriptions, please find in attachement the screenshot.

I need the prescription, i’am blocked please need help

Best, Roukia

To get a patient’s active medications, you need to make a request to the REST end point below

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Thank you very much, it works


Please need your help,

@wyclif I want to add a field in the OrderEntryUI module to follow medicaments of patients for example: if the patient has taken his treatment the doctor when he goes consulted all drugs will see that he took his treatments, I don’t khnow the easiest way to do this monitoring, there’s already a field in this module ?, it is a web service to send this information to OpenMRS.

Kind regards, Roukia

The OpenMRS order entry API is pretty much designed to place orders, it doesn’t handle follow ups like fulfillment, you will need to implement this yourself in another custom module or external application that has access to orders in OpenMRS

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