order ui page is not visible

Application Name: openmrs_Platform 2.3.1, referenceapplication-addons-2.10.0 Version Number: orderentry-1.2.2

Question: I have deployed openmrs 2.3.1 in eclipse on windows. Downloaded referenceapplication-addons-2.10.0 and put all the files inside modules dir.

After that I followed https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-owa-orderentry in order to order ui configured on my app and uploaded orderentry-1.2.2

I can see order entry app installed

When I click on it, it is supposed to navigate me to Orders list page. It quickly opens orders list page for a fraction of second and then navigates me back to home page.

I don’t see any error on the console.

Can someone tell me what did I miss?

Thanks in advance


Hi @nandini, you are most welcome here. :slight_smile:

The issue you are facing shows up when one of the global properties required are not configured. You want to refer to this administration guide for details.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I had added global config data as shown below:-

Ok @nandini. How are you accessing the Order Entry UI?

The following conversation could help resolve this: Order entry ui owa issues

I was just trying to click on order entry ui from manage app page.

When I click on patient detail page I get as folows:-

Shouldn’t there be “Prescribed Medication” link on this page?

You will have to configure a widget as discussed in the shared thread above.

I am so sorry to sound like a complete noob. I see widget config details. Can you guide me where to enter these details?


I mean is there any documentation regarding how to configure a widget?

Never mind. I figured it out. Thanks @ruhanga for your help

@nandini The Dashboard widget is configured using the Manage Apps UI accessed via the System Administration page. For the widget configuration, you would use such a snippet and saving the app configuration with the name equal to its id.

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Thanks @herbert24 I have configured it and now I can access Drug Order Page.

When I type drug name, I can see suggestions as shown below. image

While filling the drug order details, I noticed that Units suggestion box is not getting populated.


So I am not able to submit the form.


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@ruhanga hi nathan, @nandini got the same problem i have cc @dkayiwa :smiley:

@herbert24 is it a known issue?

@nandini i have faced the same problem and raised it here, i had some plan of having a demo of it to @ruhanga when he gets some time so that he gets what i was talking about

@herbert24 would appreciate if you could let me know any workaround /fix

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@ruhanga can you help?

Hi @herbert24, @nandini, yes I’m glad to help. I’ve inboxed you so we can schedule a call.

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ohh okie,i have seen the message and responded cc @ruhanga