Order Entry UI Sprint 6 Announcement

Hello everyone,

In this sprint, we shall be implementing the feedback received from sprint 5 demo, rolling out a beta version of the application and fixing any bugs/concerns identified along the way. The Order Entry Open Web application so far supports the following functionalities:

  1. Creating new drug order(s).

  2. Deleting draft drug order(s).

  3. Editing existing drug order(s).

  4. Discontinuing existing drug order(s).

  5. Viewing active and past orders (with pagination feature)


  1. Roll out a beta release for the Order Entry OWA application.
  2. Prepare release notes for the application.
  3. Prepare video tutorial on application’s usage.
  4. Fix any bugs/concerns identified as the application is being rolled out.

Start Date: 4 Jun 2018

End Date: 11 Jun 2018


Sprint planning call

Due to time constraint, since we have less than a week for this sprint, the sprint planning call was merged with the order entry sprint 5 demo/retro as suggested by @dkayiwa. The link to the call shall be posted later on this thread.

Jira Board: https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=163

Github Repo: https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-owa-orderentry

Wiki: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/Order+Entry+UI+sprint+6

Development Team

  • Flavia Nshemerirwe
  • Fredrick Mgbeoma
  • Geoffrey Asiimwe
  • Osaze Edo-Osagie
  • Betty Kebenei
  • Lanre Lawal

cc @dkayiwa, @fred, @betty, @zeze, @flavia , @geofrocker, @ddesimone, @mogoodrich, @darius, @kodero @harisu

Unfortunately, we have a technical challenge recording the sprint planning session. I apologise for the inconvenience. Here are the highlights from the planning call though:

  • @dkayiwa commended the team on a good job so far and acknowledged the fact that the team will be rolling off soon.
  • Ticket list for the a 1 week sprint were also discussed as reflected in the links above. The primary focus is to roll out a beta version, albeit a stable one.
  • @mogoodrich and @ddesimone also promised to follow up with more tickets as they further interact with the application

cc @dkayiwa, @fred, @betty, @zeze, @flavia , @geofrocker, @ddesimone, @mogoodrich, @darius, @kodero

Sprint Day 2 Update

The team has made significant progress on deploying a beta version on bintray by setting up the dependencies needed for this. We have also been able to create a video tutorial on how to set up encounter type configuration needed for the app. Please find more information in the links below

cc @dkayiwa, @fred, @betty, @zeze, @flavia , @geofrocker, @ddesimone, @mogoodrich, @darius, @kodero