Operation Theatre missing on Transifex


it seems the OT module translation is missing on transifex. Can someone please create it or help me to do so? @mksd maybe?

BR, Georg

Hi @bgevam,

As a “manager” I don’t think I can do that. @bistenes @dkayiwa @grace, would you know?

Probably @burke has the necessary permissions.

Yes @burke is my best guess as well, or @ball ?

PIH has a Post operative note (with English and French translations in Transifex). We do not use the Operation Theatre module which was created after our htmlform.

@bgevam If it’s helpful, see pih/config-pihemr for our translations.

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thank you @ball, I will take a look!

@burke could you take a look? :pleading_face:

I created a Transifex resource for Operation Theater module.

FYI – others with admin access to Transifex for OpenMRS are: @mogoodrich, @mseaton, @bistenes, @bisht13, @binduak, and @ibatista


Thanks @bgevam !

Do you know the next steps to take?

They are partially documented here, but may be somewhat out of date:


I also believe that we’ve been setting up the modules to automatically pull in Translations nightly. @cintiadr ?

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Hey @mogoodrich,

I know the steps, I have a script that downloads all the modules via transifex API :slight_smile: Thank you for adding the resource. I noticed you added it in OpenMRS, I think it should be part of the Bahmni resources. Or is this actually an OpenMRS module under the hood?

@burke actually added this…Burke, thoughts on the above?

I added it based on openmrs/openmrs-module-operationtheater.

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