OpenMRS won't work when using Reference Application modules

Application Name: Platform

Version Number: 2.2

Java: JDK 9.0.4

Tomcat Version: 7.0

Question: OpenMRS will redirect me to a blank site with the address "http://localhost:8081/openmrs/initialsetup if I use Reference Application 2.9 but If I delete the other modules excluding legacyui then everything works fine… Log Files

Can you use Java 8?


Of course but because it’s a friends PC and he isn’t available for a two days I can’t do anything today. Can you advise on what else I should do if using java 8 doesn’t fix it? May I also ask what makes you infer that java 8 should fix it? Or it it just trial-and-error? I will try to recreate the environment on a virtual machine tho.

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@balencpp we currently only support java 8, especially with the reference apllication. The platform (Excluding all other modules apart from legacy UI) actually runs fine even on java 10 , but the reff app will strictly run fine only on java 8

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