OpenMRS with a custom patient report

Hello, i am relatively new to the OpenMRS Community.

I am treating patients and wanted to create a custom report for the patients. So that i can print out the results (for example ultrasound results, lab results etc.) and give them to the patient. I already programmed an input form and an diagnosis report in microsoft azure using HTML. The report ist dynamic, it shows the values in green, yellow and red, depending wether the value is pathologic or not.

How could this be done best? Should i use the HTML Form Module, so that the patient can entere his basic data. What module can i use to export the data and put them into the dynamic HTML sheet that i programmed?

Thank you very much!

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Sure The Html Form Entry module is best for that.

Have you had a look at the Reporting Module? You can build reports and export the report data in many different data formats ,which is more applicable to your use case, say you can generate a report and export it as JSON/XML,Excel/CSV from which you can access it in your HTML Sheet

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