openmrs welcome page

Hello I just installed openmrs, I add leguici module. when I connect, I do not see the icons to add / find a patient, visit, radiology (I already add the radiology module), … I wonder how I can do?

i want something like this :


@moro The interface you’re looking for is the Reference App, a general purpose OpenMRS Distribution. You can find out more about the latest release and its relation to the legacy UI here: Reference Application Implementation Documentation

Legacy OpenMRS vs. Reference Application The Reference Application is built on top of the OpenMRS Platform 2.x, which still includes the Legacy User Interface (the original web application). You can still download and use the legacy application. The Reference Application is a set of modules that are installed in addition to the legacy OpenMRS web application. It means that when you install the Reference Application, you can still access all the features of the legacy application, however we keep them hidden from users by default.

It’s not clear how you installed OpenMRS, but if you’re doing this via the downloads page, you’d want to choose one of the Reference App options from there.

I used Platform version 2.1.3 WAR (for Enterprise), I downloaded it from site:

@moro the openmrs platform doesnt contain most of the apps /modules. ull either have to add in many other modules.

but to make things easier , just download a Reference application ,because it comes with alot of pre-installed modules

the legacu UI module doesnot have this functionality…its for completely a different app. instead download the latest Refernce Apllication, it comes up with the openmrs platform with many other pre loaded apps… check this out