OpenMRS University Still Active?

Does anyone know if the calendar event OpenMRS University , scheduled for every Wednesdays @ 1400 UTC ( Conference: 201-479-2627 No PIN needed URL: is still alive? I was the only one on the Uber call.


OpenMRS University sessions still take place during that time block, but only happen upon request and/or pre-scheduling, and are announced in the #community:university category here on Talk.

@ssemakadde do you want to update the wiki page accordingly?

Noted, and i will update the wiki page accordingly

Thank you. Also would be nice to get some time scheduled to address hot topics such as how to get started, how/what code to download, how to setup a development environment, etc…

Also, an area to advertise scheduled classes and have people signup (other than Ask OpenMRS Form). That way you’d have visibility into who and number of people taking a class and less cancellations.