OpenMRS University 2015-03-18 Reporting Module Under the Hood

Hi All, A kind reminder about the OpenMRS University Forum

As a result from a discussion at the #moz15 on how to bring some other developers up-to-speed in Reporting Module development in an attempt to take some load off of Mike Seaton. See the notes at…

Join us this Wednesday for the Reporting Module Under the Hood,

Date: 18th March 2015:

Topic: Reporting Module Under the Hood by Owais Hussain and Michael Seaton

Time:2-3pm UTC Please keep time. Time conversions can be found HERE HERE


for more details visit the University page

Matthew Masaka(Ug)

i have been providing the links to the records on the mailing list after the call, but it a good idea Karl to have them on the university page too and from now on i will be posting the links there.

@owais_hussain and @mseaton hope you are ready and you have seen my post on the timing of the calls

Matthew Masaka(Ug)

@ssemakadde, as an aside, please review the recording naming conventions in HOW TO: Facilitate an OpenMRS Shared Meeting. When recording a university forum, please use the format “OpenMRS University Forum YYYY-MM-DD” and, if you wish, enter the topic into the description. Since we have years of records, consistent naming helps locate them quickly when needed. Thanks!

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This Call is Happening NOW Connect



Owais Hussain and Michael Seaton



Where is the link for the presentation today ?

The recording of this session can be found here we shall have part 2 of this topic on the 1st April 2015 details can be found her e University page Thanks All

Matthew Masaka(Ug)

Link not working –

retry that link and let me know if it works now

Working for me! :smile:

Now its working