OpenMRS UI: Implementation on Windows 10

Application Name: Reference Application, Windows 10 Version Number: 2.9.0

Question: Hello together, I´ve got a problem to implement the OpenMRS for our students. We have: 1 teacher pc, where Tomcat, java, MySQL, Visual Studio 2017,… are installed. I´ve imported the reference application .war-file as it´s described in the implementers guide. So far, so good. After sucessful creating the database I´m able to load the site in the browser again. Here´s coming a message which asks me to install an UI. I tried to install it it %appdata%, created the needed folder and copied the files, but it still shows that I had to install an UI.

Is it possible to get a complete guide in the wiki how to implement this system on a windows PC?

Best wishes, admin4UMCH

Hii @umch, have a look at this artical

Hope it works :smile:

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Hi, thanks for the fast answer. I´ve tried this, including creating the directorys which will be used there. I´ve restarted tomact and after that the machine, too. The message after the restart is the same as the message before which asks me to install the UI. At this moment, I tried to find a solution but I don´t want to play with a pc which is already is “productional use”. This means, a lecturer or teacher uses this PC and I don´t wanted to waste their time.

Welcome, happy to help you :wink:.

Which UI module did you tried, Reference Application or Legacy UI?

Hello together, I´ve used the legacy UI because the teachers knows this UI. One problem is, that I can´t reach the teachers for several weeks, and they can´t give me some infos before. They expect to have this working.