OpenMRS Sync 2 status

Hi, @darius, @jthomas, @ssmusoke, @ningosi

Current Sync2 status:

Synchronization of Visits via REST client was added Issue: SYNCT-141

New release is on and indexed on

I’ll be unavailable in the next 2 weeks so please contact @pgesek on any Sync 2 topics Best Regards, Tomasz

So far this module runs on 2.x in reference application. I just realized, without reffApp running, there is no way you can access the configuration page and therefore administer the module capabilities. What if it can be enhanced to support the installation that DO NOT need reffApp but still need to test sync2? I know the different apps are supposed to be loaded on the reffApp UI, but can it be decoupled such that it only require the uicommons or an extension point be added on admin list that will NOT require the standard page of the reffApp? we at esaude we don’t intend to have reffApp running on our servers and installing it leads to many installation errors that we need to avoid at all costs(for example the login page conflicts with existing jQuery libraries)

Any thoughts @darius @dkayiwa

@ningosi i fully agree with you.