OpenMRS Summit Tutorials - request for feedback

As you may have heard, OpenMRS is planning a Worldwide Summit for December 2015 (official announcement coming soon). Your feedback on a new component to this summit would be very helpful!

The two days before conference sessions begin will be dedicated to OpenMRS tutorials. Each day will consist of a full-day tutorial and, concurrently, two half-day tutorials. The full-day tutorial sessions will be geared towards getting started with OpenMRS and include such topics as installation, user management, how to manage concepts and forms, as well as extending and customizing OpenMRS.

The half-day tutorial sessions will cover relevant skills for moving forward with OpenMRS after experience getting set up. Below are proposed topics for these slots. We’ll collect responses here and then select four topics for the half-day tutorials based on popularity and instructor availability.

  • OpenMRS Integration Workshop: Working with DHIS2, FHIR, iHRIS, OpenELIS, and other technologies
  • Angular & REST Web Services 101: Build custom OpenMRS UIs and web apps using modern/popular tools
  • Concept management with CIEL and other dictionaries
  • Getting Data Out: Extracting datasets, options for building and customizing reports for OpenMRS users and stakeholders
  • DevOps and Deployment Boot Camp: System admin, management, and operations tips and tricks
  • Mobile tools for OpenMRS: Setting these up and using them in production (could include Muzima, OpenMRS-JR, ODK Clinic, Sana, iOS & Android clients)

We expect there will be a small fee to offset the costs of hosting the tutorials. If you are considering attending OMRS15, assume the timing of the tutorials has been announced & fits your schedule, assume the fee is reasonable, and let us know which (if any) of the tutorials below you think you would attend.

Please vote and discuss!

  • OpenMRS Integration is a great tutorial topic.
  • I would be likely to attend OpenMRS Integration
  • Angular & REST is a great tutorial topic.
  • I would be likely to attend Angular & REST
  • Concept management with CIEL is a great tutorial topic.
  • I would be likely to attend Concept management with CIEL
  • Getting Data Out is a great tutorial topic.
  • I would be likely to attend Getting Data Out
  • DevOps and Deployment Boot Camp is a great tutorial topic.
  • I would be likely to attend DevOps and Deployment Boot Camp
  • Mobile tools for OpenMRS is a great tutorial topic.
  • I would be likely to attend Mobile tools for OpenMRS

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One topic I’d like to cover is one that can only title Git Lessons from the Trenches, a workshop on exploring some of the darker corners of git and how to fix mistakes that can do happen. I would be willing to lead this workshop :smile:

Knowing the darker corners of git is useful, @jordan – if possible add this to the poll :smile: – or Just “like” this post :slight_smile:

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This sounds like an excellent idea for a longer session @r0bby. :+1: We’ll make sure to point you to the call for session proposals as soon as it goes up!

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Great, let me know :slight_smile:

Why are there 2 for each topic (ie. Mobile tools for OpenMRS)? Thanks for doing this, Jordan.


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@ball, I think it’s a “this is a great topic” and “I’d attend it” type thing – Sometimes there are great topics but I can’t physically attend everyone…so it’s a vote for it but I can’t attend it type deal…at least how I see it…Education is something that I feel is IMPORTANT in this (and really every field really)…

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This definitely is a very interesting topic, but i’m not sure if we can, or should fit DHIS2, FHIR, etc. etc. into just one session… there’s just so much to cover. So brownie points if this can be broken into multiple sessions :slight_smile:

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Please keep in mind that these are just in-depth tutorials. We will have 2.5 days for scheduled conference talks/sessions to cover more narrowly-focused approaches, too. :smile:

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I would be interested in covering a topic A Basic OpenMRS 2.2 UX Tutorial for Developers. I can elaborate on this, if necessary. Barry


I would be very interested in a topic that discusses options for integrating OpenMRS with other systems in a reusable way, rather than discussing how to connect OpenMRS to iHRIS and OpenMRS to OpenELIS, etc. Maybe something involving utilizing FHIR and some kind of ESB to provide a general communication mechanism to other systems.

I would be willing to help organize a topic like this if others are interested.

Also… I hope the announcement of this event comes soon so that we can have plenty of time to make plans for it!


This is exactly the reason we’re finalizing the tutorial plans this week. :+1:

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How about managing OpenMRS at scale, especially for regional and national programs - which I suspect would be common implementations. How to install, customize, maintain, upgrade, connect - multiple OpenMRS installations, designing of peer-to-peer or master-slave architectures, how to sync data between them in low resource settings especially.


Something else that might be of interest is how to manage multiple implementations in a country or region. This could include discussions on how to keep the concept dictionary, forms, reports, module versions, etc synchronised, and how to role out new versions of each. We could also discuss best practices for reporting across multiple sites.


I’m not sure that’s a tutorial, but would make a very good conference session and discussion session… Probably a birds of a feather session? because not sure one person has all the experience that can be applied to all locales. Many large scale implementations, and getting all those viewpoints shared will be appropriate.

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Yes, that makes sense.

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Do you know the exact date in December? I am already committed for most of the month, but might be able to make adjustments if I know when the event is.

Thank you for all your work - so excited to learn about OpenMRS and bring it to HOPE Hospital in Bangladesh!

Thanks everyone for your feedback. We are now preparing the tutorial descriptions so we can make a full announcement of the event shortly!