OpenMRS standalone is unable to start

Hi, I’m facing an error while opening OpenMRS standalone. Yesterday it opened for me but it was unable to login me.

Delete the installation , clean your cache folders and create a fresh installation.

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@saadkhaleeq just a follow up! was your issue sorted out?

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no, its still there

You can also check your runtime properties under this folder ./{WEBAPP NAME} for current directory

or {WEBAPP NAME}_RUNTIME_PROPERTIES_FILE for environment variables. Re-extracting your RA can also make you step a head

@saadkhaleeq which version of MySQL are you using?

still there, i don’t have any SQL version, thats why its not working? Have i to install wamp or xamp to run it?

You don’t necessarily need to install WAMP or XAMP, but you do need to have a version of MySQL 5.6 or 5.7 running.

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its still there.

Was it working fine before?

Do you have mysql version 5.6 or 5.7 as @ibacher suggested? What is your mvn -v saying. Usually it’s always a good practise to check whether your mysql is running locally . it have a tendency of stopping sometimes

@saadkhaleeq kindly share the output so that members can be able to help

@saadkhaleeq Which operating system are you having on your machine?

@saadkhaleeq did you overcome the blocker!

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@kdaud its solved now. Thank you for your help. By the way you’re great mentor. :heartbeat: :slight_smile:

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