openMRS Standalone 2.11 database problem

Application Name: Reference Application 2.11 Standlone, Version Number: 2.11

Question: Hello all,

I have the standalone version installed on a Windows server.

I would like to get data from the database externally, using mirth.

Unfortunately I always get an error message, I think because the permission is missing to access the datenbak externally.

Is it possible to enable external access to the mysql database?

Thanks a lot!

Kindly share the error logs using pastebin

If you can share the error its providing, but please first check the configuration for the installed Mirth Connect look for this config file # mirthconnect/conf/

Modify this information http.port = 8080 https.port = 8443 database = mysql database.url = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/databaseName database.username = root user database.password = your DB password

do you still have challenges with this @teerline