OpenMRS simple Lab entry

**Platform Version:**Centos 6.6. OpenMRS Version: OpenMrs 1.9.8.

Question: I have a question, how do you setup the simpleLab entry module of OpenMRS? I always get the labtest error thing which I don’t understand how or what causes it

Please provide specific details about what configuration you have done, and what error message you see.

As asked here, it’s really not possible to answer this question.

Hello good sir, thanks a lot for the reply. sorry for the late response though…

here are my variables and the error that is showing whenever I click submit anywhere related to the simple lab module

I’m not quite sure about the values I’ve typed , so if there’s something wrong please do tell me , all of the values there are already made from their respective managements ( eg. manage providers )

thanks for the reply again :slight_smile:

Hi Rolf,

Most of these properties are configured incorrectly. The error message you are seeing is for the “supportedTests” property, but looking at your configuration you have the same issue everywhere. Please read the description beneath each property to understand what sort of value it is expecting.

In a more perfect system, our configuration page would not require you to know how to set ‘a comma separated list of concept ids’ yourself, but rather we would give you a widget from which you can choose values from a pick list. But that wasn’t done here - it expects a bit more internal understanding of OpenMRS.

For example, to determine the encounterTypeId for the encounter type you need to configure, you should go to the administration page where this is defined, and look in the url for this value. For example, the encounter type defined here has an encounterTypeId equal to 2:

Concepts are a bit easier, as the id is more clearly displayed on the management page. For example, this concept has an id of 5089:

Either of these two techniques should allow you to find the various values you need to configure on this page.

Hope this helps a bit…


so what I really need to input is its “number” value? (sorry If i’m so slow for this )

well somehow sir It works now, THANKS A LOT FOR THE TIPS ! :slight_smile: I’ll just play with this module for a while , ( play meaning test it )

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Hi, I am new to OpenMRS and also trying to use the simple lab entry module. the module would not started with this error message: Error while trying to start module Unable to load/find moduleActivator: ‘org.openmrs.module.simplelabentry.SimpleLabEntryActivator’ Module: simplelabentry

i am using OpenRMS Reference App 2.5. Not sure if this error was due to configuration or incompatibility.

Thanks, Tim

@missilen this module is not yet upgraded to support platform 2.0 which runs the reference application version 2.5 You would need lower versions of the reference application. So you are correct to say that it is incompatibility.