OpenMRS Server fails to Restart[Resolved]

My server has been working pretty well! However, I wake up this morning and invoked a command mvn openmrs-sdk:run as usual on the created module and the server failed to start. Here is the error log.
cc: @k.joseph @dkayiwa @sharif

In my attempt to resolve the matter, I created a new server and still the same exception is thrown. I have also given an attempt to create a new project and applied either of the servers but the same result is observed

When I use this this command mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:run to invoke the server shows this log

you forgot to start mysql.

According to your logs you seem to have unbundled/build module called simulation module, is that module part of deployed omods in your server, Probably you can delete that module from omod folder and re run again

I created this module using mvn openmrs-sdk:create-project through the SDK Doc

All along have not been starting mysql and things have been working fine. Have triggered mysql to start and restarted the server but still the same result is observed
In my databae selection during the server set up, I opted for
MySQL 5.6 and above in SDK docker container (requires pre-installed Docker)

Have been usually doing a navigation to this module and then run mvn openmrs-sdk:run against the module. Selecting the server in transit and then access it through http://localhost:8080/openmrs when the server is up. Have I been using a wrong path and there is a smart way to this.

Is docker running?

Have given a shot on restarting the machine but the log persists. Could there be something I need to do

try removing this module and run again

Have given an attempt to start up the docker and rerun the server but still the log persists. BTW All along before have not been triggering the docker to be up but just running the command mvn openmrs-sdk:run against the module would make things right.

Given a shot on this however, the same log is observed

According to the error log things seem to be wrong with tomact as obseverd with this line
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:3.13.7:run (default-cli) on project openmrsqa: Execution default-cli of goal org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:3.13.7:run failed: Failed running Tomcat → [Help 1]

you can always start the server directly without running a specific module.

mvn openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=openmrs how have you been running mysql before? through docker or something else?

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Fortunately have just been navigating to my created module and then run mvn openmrs-sdk:run and then choose the server and things work out. But this morning it turned to be a different story

ideally the sdk server should be connecting to a database. can you share your server properties file content, i mean the server you usually select

Where are sdk servers stored ! Am looking for the directory to this file. Am running Linux os

within ~/openmrs

could you revisit OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

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Here is the file content