OpenMRS SDK's Platform doesn't appear to actually be Platform


We’re at the OMRS16 Hackathon and have been installing and using the SDK. I was trying to build an OWA project and run it. From what I can see, it doesn’t look like the platform contains its bundled modules (i.e., OWA, RESTWS, and FHIR) are included. Am I missing something?

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@burke i think the SDK just does the normal thing, that is pull whatever is in nexus. And the release to nexus just does the artifacts without any bundled modules. The modules are bundled by a developer locally for source forge upload.

@dkayiwa SDK so far downloads only the war file with no modules attached, but from the next release SDK will fetch released versions of openmrs-contrib-platform from maven repo along with modules included in file. You can check the work that has been done so far here and here.


Yay! Thanks @adamg. I hope you saw our #OMRS16 Hackathon tweets and how invaluable the SDK has become for the community!