openmrs-sdk not updating snapshot version of modules

fyi, unfortunately, I had to reopen the following ticket, because it looks like the the “openrs-sdk:deploy” command is still not properly updating to the latest snapshot versions of modules:

I started to look at the SDK code, but if @raff or someone else with familiarity with the SDK plugin could take a look it would be much appreciated. This has been causing a lot of headaches for us (though it took us a while to track down that this was the issue!)

fyi @cioan @wdessin @ball

Thanks! Mark

Hi Mark, did you eventually fix this?

Sorry, was away on vacation last week, just seeing this now… no, I was not able to fix this… I did update the ticket with the behavior I was seeing and @raff on the ticket… if there’s someone with familiarity with the SDK plugin (and/or maven plugin’s in general) that could take a look, that would be great.

Take care, Mark

I will be looking into that today. Hopefully have a fix for the new SDK release scheduled on Monday.