OpenMRS SDK - Create Project - Item and Admin List

There is a lot of fluff added by the openmrs-sdk:create-project that is always deleted, is it still necessary?

Why not just create a blank well formed project instead without the item (in api) and admin list (in omod)

For those who may need it, how about just adding command line options for it?

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Hi @ssmusoke, @dkayiwa ,You are all right, but on behalf of a low basic level, this both classes has contributed a lot especially for case studies, you may delete item class or add it on command line as suggested but Admin List is very crucial to my experience and i think to other coming newbie because some configuration being done in adminList are really cool, take for example the configuration of groovy server pages(gsp) mapped on to legacy ui , this has been hidden , but when you hide it twice :grinning:, that means we wont learn from scratch as it had been .To my experience i have learned from it , thanks its my suggestion and i hope to listen from you cc.@dkayiwa, @ssmusoke

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Exactly a middle ground like

A middle ground here would be to add an option not to create the classes

openmrs-sdk:create-project -DignoreClasses=true