OpenMRS right for us?

Hello, I volunteer for a small medical charity that does medical work in rural Honduras a few times a year. The village we go to has no electricity save for a generator that the dentists use to power their equipment. Within the next few years there might be electricity supplied to the compound.

All of our records are hand written on cards, and we really would like to replace this with an electronic system. I’ve developed an access database that I’ve tested, and while it works, it isn’t the best option.

OpenMRS seems like a good fit, but since I’m a volunteer who got assigned this task as I work in a ‘technology adjacent’ field, I have some questions about it’s installation and implementation.

Ideally, registration would have a computer (we need to be able to take pictures of patients for their records and identification), and each of the two to three doctors would have a tablet or laptop to take notes on, and the pharmacy would have a tablet to see prescriptions.

Is this setup a good fit with OpenMRS? If so, is there a step by step guide for implementation and what equipment is required? Can OpenMRS store identification photos of patients?

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I’m trying to figure this out. Thanks.

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Thanks for choosing openmrs could this be of help?

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Exactly , your in the right place. you could take a look at the implementer Documentation and how to install openmrs

Thank you, I somehow managed to miss that page while exploring.

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Sorry about it could this be of help