OpenMRS REST API on Cloud Server

Hi everyone,

I’m having this issue with implemented versions of OpenMRS. We’re running the latest version of the distribution server with the latest Reference Application (2.6.1). Whenever we attempt to use the UI to change a medical record, sometimes the data does not get saved. The working theory we have on our team is that the server times out when making a request, such as when we input new data. Has anyone else experienced something of this sort?

Hi @amalafrozalam,

Could you provide more details as to where and how this happens? If this is something that can be reproduced easily, could you get any clues through either the client-side console and/or the OpenMRS log?

We never experienced anything of that sort over the Internet, but are not running Ref App 2.6+ either. Is this something that you didn’t experience prior to upgrading?

@amalafrozalam Also check the contents of the openmrs.log file or the Tomcat log files for any errors that have happened during the saving of the data.