OpenMRS Reporting issues

Application Name: OpenMRS Version Number:1.11.6

I have a challenge when I build reports in OpenMRS it saves and runs well, after restarting the server all the reports disappear, from the logs I found out that the serialized objects have a class which cannot be found org.openmrs.User_$$_jvstd4e_4e Iam forced to be running this script to update update serialized_object set serialized_data=replace(serialized_data,‘org.openmrs.User_$$_jvst200_4e’,‘org.openmrs.User’) where serialized_data like’%org.openmrs.User_$$_jvst200_4e%’; Am looking for a long lasting solution to this kindly help.

Which versions of the reporting and serialization modules are you running?

Reporting and Serialization Xstream 0.2.7

Can you try using the latest versions of both the reporting and serialization modules?

Error starting Module - Reporting

Error while trying to start module Unable to update data model using liquibase.xml. Module: Reporting

From the log Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (openmrs.#sql-efc_d1, CONSTRAINT creator_for_reporting_report_design FOREIGN KEY (creator) REFERENCES users (user_id))

With the new Reporting and Serialization modules uploaded I get the error below

In your “reporting_report_design” table, do you have any “creator” value that is not in the “users” table (user_id)?

Thanks, Problem sorted