OpenMRS Reference Application 2.7.0 released !

Hello Community, with great joy and pleasure i would like to declare that the long awaited OpenMRS Reference Application 2.7.0 has been released. Its built on the OpenMRS Platform version 2.0.6 with several bug fixes , new features and modules included.

Please see the Release Notes and Documentation for more information.

It has been a slightly lengthy , tedious but also interesting process with this release.

Thanks to the team and to everyone who greatly participated to make sure that this release was a success , especially @ssmusoke , @raff , @dkayiwa and @cintiadr

I would also like to recognise and appreciate all module owners / maintainers for your untiring efforts injected into the resident modules , keep it up.

Tendo Kiiza Martyn and Stephen Senkomago Musoke

On behalf of the OpenMRS community


Excellent news, @tendomart!

FYI – I moved the release notes for 2.7.0 where all the other RefApp release notes are located in the wiki and updated the official Release Notes page for the RefApp to transclude the 2.7.0 release notes. I also removed the “not yet released” notice from the documentation page.


-Burke :burke:

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@burke Thanks alot for the updates.

Thanks for doing this release @tendomart!

It looks like a couple of related steps were not done as part of the release. Steps 1-3 under the “Finalizing and announcing the release” heading here were not done:

(Actually I just added step 3 because it was missing from the process page, and I did this. Burke did step 2, and I will now do step 1.)

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@darius Thanks, i hope it was because they were missing, about step 2 done by @burke , i thought that was supposed to be my prerogative to do Issue Tracking page.

@tendomart can you take a look at this JIRA query? fixVersion = “Reference Application 2.7.0” and status != accepted

After that, can you cross check if our release process page talks about closing JIRA tickets or bumping them to the next version?

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Thanks @dkayiwa, which path can i take ?

@tendomart try this:"Reference%20Application%202.7.0"%20and%20status%20!%3D%20accepted

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@dkayiwa Thanks alot,the page has nothing of that sort.

@tendomart you released reference application 2.7 but i still see a number of unclosed tickets with that fix version. Can you look into this?

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Thanks @dkayiwa for the obsevation.Let me look into this, though , i remember having notified the reporters to do something about them basing on Technical Roadmap 2.7.I’ll begin with

It looks like some were not indicated on the Technical Roadmap 2.7

@tendomart as the release manager, you are supposed to have bumped them to the next version or simply removed the fix version. I thought we already had that documented at:

If not, can you add it?

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@dkayiwa Thanks ,let me just make sure-.Thanks for the correction i actually considered prioritised Tickets on the Technical Road Map.I’ll edit the Documentation to include that.

@tendomart for tickets that are already committed and are just waiting for testing or showcase, you can just test to confirm they are working and close them with the reference application 2.7 version.

Alright sir.

@dkayiwa and that’s at demo server?

I just noticed that there are still 45 tickets marked as being part of RefApp 2.7.0, that are not resolved.

JIRA query here:"Reference%20Application%202.7.0"%20and%20resolution%20is%20empty

@tendomart, can you please take care of this? If you aren’t sure of what to do, please reach out to Daniel or I on IRC. If you just don’t have time to do this, please say so so we can get someone else to.

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@darius, since the release is done can’t these be bumped off the release to the next version? :slight_smile:

Yes, the idea is either that they were already done (in which case someone needs to record this) or not, in which case we just remove the 2.7.0 fixVersion. But the release manager should do this or make sure that someone else does.

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Yes I always create time and am resuming on this @darius. I was going through the list ,thought i got confused with some of the tagging to quickly identify the ones that need to be closed.I was following @dkayiwa’s earlier post to bump them to the next release. Am honoured to finish what i was appointed to do :grinning:

I looked today and I saw that 2.7.0 was still not marked as released in JIRA even though refapp 2.8.0 was already released! :frowning:

It’s frustrating to me that this is a documented step of the release process, it was discussed in February, again in March (and I think I remember discussing it more recently also) but it still wasn’t taken care of.

I took care of the remaining issues (mainly bumping them to 2.9.0), and I released 2.7.0 in JIRA.

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