OpenMRS QA CI/Bamboo project build is failing

@k.joseph do you know why this might be?

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Hello @k.joseph , As you can see here CONTRIB-QA-FRAMEWORK logs. there is a build failure because of unresolved dependencies… i think though this may be caused by failing tests in Reference Application Distribution UI Tests which i will look into coz refApp 2.11.0 distro is running perfect

What am not sure of is whether this contrib-qa-framework should be still running on 2.10.0-snapshot which is think its one of this cause . This commit was committed here, i think this version should be 2.11.0-snapshot since that’s the same version of reference Application distro running, however am not sure whether that will resolve the error.oops actually this does not resolve the error perhaps it brings more harm on tests which need to rectified,

Until we use a checkout branch to 2.10.0 of refApp distro and also checkout branch to bdd of qa-contrib-qaframework :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks did some follow up with this build failure


dear @grace, sorry for responding to this a day afterwards after the death of my mac battery, this was caused by as @sharif noticed. this should be fixed in the next build.


Thanks for the update Joseph! …And may your mac battery rest in peace, sorry to hear about that. :skull_and_crossbones: :bouquet: