OpenMRS Platform 2.3.0 Released!

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Congrats @ruhanga and thanks for the good work.

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Thanks @prapakaran. It’s quite importance to know the changes in the architecture, structure and/or logic of the underlying database from the previous version. This helps minimize the risks associated with the changes when upgrading and possibly predict the results/impact of any change before upgrading from the previous version of the platform.

@prapakaran ,here is the progress of reff app 2.10

Its now going through User Testing , in case no Bug and any issues arises , the Full version will be released

Congs @ruhanga for great work

Thanks @ruhanga for the great work. How do i access the effects of this ticket?

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@dkayiwa, thank you too for your un-wearying guidance. :slight_smile:

You may want to demo with , with limited features enabled for purposes of effectively keeping it up/running. Else for usage with all features enabled, you can download the standalone or .war file that runs in tomcat, from Sourceforge. Details on installation after downloading the packages can be found here

User name = admin, Password = Admin123 .

@ruhanga i used the SDK to set up a brand new platform 2.3.0 and ended up with the platform running page without a way of getting to the addons and advertised on that ticket.

Ohh, yes. This has to do with the SDK. I would think that up till now, the SDK is unaware of OWAs when deploying a distribution. The packaged OWAs are not copied to their folder just as the modules are during the initial setup process.

@ruhanga i thought the addon manager is bundled with the platform. Not so?

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Yes indeed @dkayiwa. There is however a difference in deployment with the SDK. My understanding of the SDK plugin is, that it deploys a distribution like the platform from its artifacts. Up till now, these are openmrs-core and specified modules in the associated file. It seems though, that the owa artifacts are ignored. I briefly looked into and this seems to be case.

Do we have a ticket for that?

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Thanks for pointing this out @dkayiwa. I’ve opened SDK-250 to address the issue. I’d like to make it ready for work. :slight_smile:

@ruhanga you should now be in position to make it ready for work.

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Sure , the same problem when deploying reff app with SDK , it doesnt deploy OWAs

@ruhanga the ticket is not well curated for one to understand what exactly is the problem. You need to give some more details like how to reproduce, links to the relevant talk threads, and anything else that would be useful to some one new.

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Surely @dkayiwa. Thanks for the heads up on this. I have updated the ticket.

I’m very confused.

The docker image we deploy to uat-platform is generated using the SDK, specifically version 3.12.4. So I’m very confused how running the SDK locally would yield any different result from using the docker image from dockerhub (which is generated from the SDK).

Can someone explain to me the difference?

Thanks @cintiadr. When generating docker images, it’s evident that the command we use, a different flavour of the setup command - build-distro, surely downloads owa artifacts and these are installed on deployment. This behaves as expected.

What we would like to achieve is for this setup command when creating a new server, to do similarly what build-distro does.

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Ooooh I see, thanks for the explanation

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